6 Makeup Trends for The Summer of Social Distancing

Photo by Paz shots from Pexels

Even the global pandemic of 2020 can’t keep a girl down when it comes to summer beauty trends. We might have to stand 6 feet apart, but we can still serve up the looks. Summer is traditionally a time when we break out the dewy highlighters and bright lipstick shades. Especially pay attention to great eye makeup to enhance your look while wearing a mask. A pandemic is no reason to toss your makeup aside. 

This summer we’re seeing lots of shine and bold colors. Let’s talk about the hottest makeup trends for the summer of 2020 and all the best summer makeup products you can find on Mira Beauty today.

#1. Create A Glow

A sun-kissed summer glow can give you that fresh-off-the-beach look everyone craves. Use a good bronzer with a dewy highlighter to achieve this look. Don’t forget, dewy skin starts with great summer skincare with lots of moisturizer and sun protection. 

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#2. Pile on The Pink Blush

 Your skin will be looking a little flush anyway under the summer sun so everyone this summer will be sipping iced tea pool-side with bright pink blush on their cheeks. You might want to experiment a bit to find your signature shade of pink. 

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#3. Satin Lippies

Move over matte, satin formulas are taking over the summer spotlight. In between a gloss and a matte finish, satin gives you just a hint of shine. It’s less likely to melt in the sun and is formulated with hydrating ingredients. 

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#4. Graphic Eyeliner Designs

Drawing clean lines and leaving negative space is the new trend for summer, think of a cat-eye but much cooler. Using waterproof eyeliner for some creative summer designs will have you on-trend at the beach parties. To make drawing easier use a gel pencil. 

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#5. A Full Look with Brushed Up Brows

Even if you’re going for a sun-kissed no-makeup look for summer, your eyes and face will benefit from brushed up brows. Use your brow pencil to fill in your brows then brush them upwards with a brow gel. 

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#6. Bring the Zing with Neon Eyeliner

If you want your natural summer makeup to have a pop of explosive color, try the neon-colored eyeliner trend with us. Get playful and enhance your eyes with ultra-bright waterproof eyeliner. 

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Don’t forget, to avoid having your makeup melt down your face basking in the hot sun, look for and shop from the best waterproof makeup for summer that can stand up to sweat and an occasional splash in the pool. Also, make sure to wear your sunscreen! 

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