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5 ways to wear your favorite high waisted jeans

If you told me five- six years ago that comfort would be such an important factor for choosing my every day looks I most definiltey wouldn't believe you. Truth is my personal style has changed a lot. I used to be a sucker for fitted dresses and high heels and now here I am , constantly brainstorming for new creative ideas to wear my high waisted jeans . So yes, I happily traded my glam tulle skirts for pairs of quality denim and never looked back ever since .

We all have our most trusted jeans, weather it's comfy skinnies that perfectly compliments your curves or your old, overworn mum jeans. Reality is that a classic pair of denim will never go out of style no matter the current , seasonal trends. With the right styling and accessories pieces like these can feel like a new addition to your wordrobe each day of the week.

5 ways to wear your favorite high waisted jeans
5 ways to wear your favorite high waisted jeans

Whenever you feel the need to upgrade a basic, super casual outfit layering will always be your best friend. My trusted white shirts and cropped chunky sweaters are the holy grails of my wardrobe during the cold winter months. Yes, having a variety of knits to choose from is definitely a plus but you can always tranform your old trusted ones with a few simple tricks like sewing pearls.

If you follow me for a while you probably already know my favorite style of jeans but for those who are new skinny high waisted jeans are my number one choice. Apart from the safest options, these classic blue jeans , I also really enjoy wearing statement pieces like sateen red (on sale for $20) and of course total white jeans (yes even in winter).

5 ways to wear your favorite high waisted jeans
5 ways to wear your favorite high waisted jeans

Is it me or everyone love mens hoodies way more? An oversized hoodie paired up with your favorite denim can be a great way to keep yourself warm while looking effortlessly chic. You definiltly spotted me wearing this exact Vans classic gray hoodie more than once on my instagram stories. Well, it's my current obsession along with my faux leather loafers.

Are you a succer for lingerie streetwear? I wasn't till recently but now I can't have enough especially with spring being only a month away. I wore this particular outfit with a white oversized knitted jacket and again, a white pair of Dr Martens .

5 ways to wear your favorite high waisted jeans
5 ways to wear your favorite high waisted jeans

Last but not least apart from careful styling and trends fashion is also a way to have fun! Play around with different styles and try new combinations. I still can't believe how much I love wearing classic, officewear with casual pieses. You don't see a pair of high waisted distressed jeans styled with hiking  boots, white leather accessories and military color jackets that often right? Well maybe it should.

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