The ultimate workout outfit

Outfit Details:
Leggings: " Aruba" by Stronger Label | Bra: "Aruba" by Stronger Label | Sneakers: VIPme

Hello everyone! I hope you had a fantastic weekend weather you are or you aren't celebrating Easter. We had such a great time over the last few days. The weather seems to be in out favor most of the time and the days are getting longer and longer. Suddenly more and more people are out in the streets enjoying the enjoying a cold cup of coffee by the sea or working out early in the morning. You can feel the change of everyone's behavior since the sun came back here to stay , hopefully till September.

As the warm , sunny days are finally upon us , outdoor activities seem like the only choice for the next months. I personally can't wait to go for a walk every single day . The temperature razed to well over 25 degrees yesterday. It is finally that time of year when you can come up with more than a few ways to combine having fun and daily exercise. As I have mentioned before I a not a gym person. I much rather prefer walking (or running) for my daily exercise routine . Especially this season I can't imagine myself restrained indoors. Once again Stronger Label offered me another excuse to keep up with my daily routine even more. I don't know if you guys remember but I teamed up with then once again on December to share a few tips for a healthier body and skin for 2018. Truth is I simply can't have enough of their beautiful designs and patterns which definitely are the perfect work out outfits for every type of exercise.

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