7 Beauty and Skincare Trends That Were Huge Decades Ago – and Still Look Great Today

In the ever-changing world of fashion and beauty trends, it can sometimes feel like everything has already been done before – and for good reason. Just ask your grandmother: plenty of old school styles are still extremely popular.

Here are seven exciting beauty trends from the past that you might recognize today.

7. Half-Moon Manicures

We’re taking it back to the 1920s and 1930s with this manicure option. Ladies still favor this approach because it’s a simple and elegant way to brighten the nails on a regular basis. The half-moon manicures of today are somewhat bolder, though, using striking hues of polish to make the nail stand out. Some even combine colors to create a unique twist on this classic manicure design. For those who prefer a simpler style, use white polish for the tip and leave the rest of the nail clear.