The News Are Depressing: Skip To The Holiday Section

The news are often one of the most depressing pieces of literature you will read within the span of the year. That might sound far-fetched, but the truth is that no matter how sad the Korean drama you are watching is, at the end of the day, it’s purely made to engage with the viewer and play with their feelings. Tragedies happening around are very much real, and they don’t happen because they are going to make money off someone watching them, it’s just sad, and actually hits hard, and considering the papers are full of them nowadays, we often need something to lift our spirits. With that depressing bit of retrospect out of the way, let’s look at the other thing in the news which is actually pleasant to read and offer up a bit of an escape from the real world and your generic everyday struggles. Sure they might seem rather minute in the grand scheme of things, but they are your daily troubles either way. And after all, who is someone else to judge what is worth and not worth worrying about? We all need a bit of a breather from the wonderful, but equally terrifying city lights and city streets. If the daily grind in the big city is starting to get to you, then worry not, because we are going to talk about just the thing you need to get out of that slump, and back on track. Two holiday destinations which could possibly be your best holiday yet.

Something different

If there’s a good place to start when it comes to breaking away from the usual everyday­, it’s most probably somewhere completely different. Of course, the idea of “different” absolutely depends on your current place of residence, and what you consider normal. However, the truth is that because of various things happening all over the world. Often encompassed as “globalisation”, many places in the world are starting to feel more and more "samey", but they just happen to be in a slightly different location. Not that this is a bad thing, but quite a few places which have been touched by the typical kind of western influence have changed quite a bit, often making them somewhat "uniform" in a few ways. Of course, there is always more than initially meets the eye, and just about every place has its own unique flavour and tone which cannot be replicated elsewhere, but there are some that stand out even then. Now while there are many locations which are rather unique in their own way, very few places in the quote on quote “first world” have stayed very true to its roots. Fortunately, a place like that still very much exists, and that place happens to be in the far east land known as Japan.

Indonesia is also the proud host of the Komodo National Park. As you would have already guessed, it is full of its titular heroes scattered all over the park, and present tourists with a chance to see them as close as you can in their natural habitat without going in the wild yourself. Of course, going in the wild has its appeal, but potentially getting bitten by a Komodo Dragon is not a proposition which appeals to too many people. In fact, even Coyote Peterson would probably pass up this opportunity, as Komodo Dragons have been known to eat a human on occasion, so seeing them from a safe distance and with some experienced park rangers around, might be the best you can get.