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Timeless Looks Whatever the Occasion

As children, you might have worried and stressed over having the latest fashions for every season. You might have felt embarrassed at wearing the same jacket three winters in a row. You might have even taken to the scissors and sewing thread to start on your own creation to be unique, lest the girls at school whisper mean things behind your back and sometimes to your face.

But as you grew older, you realised that you didn’t really care what other people thought about how you dressed. If you thought you looked cute, if a certain outfit was indeed poppin’, if you got all dressed up and stepped out into the world confidence, that was enough for you. Finding your own style is essential for building self-esteem, and some outfits will last you a lifetime

Going into the office or for a business lunch is a time where you don’t just need to sell your ideas, but yourself as well (no, not like that). While women are becoming much more prominent in the world of business, there are still some older men who believe you’re there merely to answer phones.But picking the right outfit for your business meetings that commands respect and demonstrates authority is as simple as a dark, knee-length skirt, blazer, and a neutral coloured blouse. Depending on the weather, tights can also come in handy, especially if it’s been a while since shaving your legs.

 Of course, you don’t always need to dress up like you are super important. If you are just running to the store or going out shopping or meeting friends for a drink, then you don’t need to prove anything to anybody. How you want to look is entirely up to you. One of the significant trends in recent years has been vintage clothing. In a kind of strange oxymoron, vintage is something that doesn’t go out of fashion, so visiting your local store can help you find excellent and unique deals. Furthermore, all sorts of denim, from jeans to jackets, are perfect just to throw on. It is such a versatile material that you don’t need to worry about the odd scuff here and there, and as long as they don’t stink, you are golden and can get multiple wears out of them by mixing and matching with different tops and shirts.


While this might not eliminate the daily dread of wondering just what to wear, at least when all seems lost you can fall back on the classics should you be in a rush. It’s important to look as good as you feel, but sometimes you need to look even better than you feel. Finding the right timeless outfit to suit you can boost this confidence and you give you something to rely on whatever the situation.


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