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4 creative ways to wear a blazer this winter

Falling for blazers 

Even though this subtitle is not one hundred percent correct since I have fallen in love with blazers a long time ago , I find myself falling for them over and over again as soon as the first chilly days start to appear. Black blazers are known for their versatility and ability to dress up even the most simple of outfits. The times I quickly grabbed this particular blazer while I was quickly getting ready for a day out are certainly more than enough over the last few years.

As you can imagine it is only fair to start my holiday outfit series with a piece that I wear pretty much on a weekly basis despite the day, our or occasion. To be honest I mostly wear this specific one both as a blazer and as a dress if I am planning a night at the city . 

Lately I have spend more than enough time browsing through a tone of pages searching for new blazers that have the right cut and color for my current mood (which oddly enough is leaning towards neutral tones and every shade of red) and thankfully I managed to find 6 beautiful pieces that are listed down bellow which will definitely complement pretty much every outfit I currently own. I could go on and one about a dozen ways of styling a simple black blazer but instead, I decided to focus on a few, more creative looks you can pull off with a staple piece like this one. Maybe you will be able to find something a combination that never crossed your mind before.

Blazer + velvet trousers + sneakers

This one is by far my favorite combination so far. I posted this look on my instagram previously and many of you seemed to love the idea and with a good reason . It was the perfect way to dress up a velvet pair of trousers and still keep the comfort of my sneakers while doing so.


Blazer + Chunky turtleneck sweater + red (or black) vinyl pants

The Vinyl trend really owns my heart for this season. Even though I own a few vinyl pieces that didn't posted here,on my blog yet I promise you they will be up soon. Until then turning such a statement piece into an everyday pair of pants with the help of a cozy sweater is definitely one of the most creative ideas for winter.

Blazer + shirt + metallic

Dazzling garms are definitely in this season and with the right white shirt and black , basic blazer you can wear this trend from day to night. Take a look at my previous look featuring this exact combo here.

Leather jacket + long blazer + jeans

Something that I don't see very often but certainly adds a unique styling touch to your look is layering the basic black blazer (buttons closed) with a leather jacket and a pair of skinny jeans. The long blazer will give the effect of a "blazer dress" while the pair of jeans will keep the whole outfit casual and day-appropriate.

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