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Leather on Leather / Two quotes I live by

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Looking back at my teenage years I have this clear memory of the young me writing down, posting and re-posting tones of love, lifestyle quotes and song lyrics. I think most people in their early teens can relate with this sort of obsession and frankly even though It took me a while to realize, these quotes was written not only at the back of my wardrobe doors but also in my mind for years and years to come.I was a pretty rebellious kid back then (honestly I still am) but now I tend to use all these emotions in order to help me achieve my dreams rather than feeling lost and confused as I did when I was much younger.

In the present time notebooks and wardrobe doors gave their place to many virtual ways to save your favorite quotes, like pinterest , weheartit and so on. I still find myself browsing through life quotes from time to time (take a look at my words to live by pinterest board for more) but over the last 10 years my views on life has drastically changed (shoker! I know) and so did many of the sayings that I used to adore and re-post whenever I got the chance .Deep down I wish I could still be able to paint my favorite words on any wall, any desk but sadly enough this would be too weird for someone at my age. No matter what I still write on my paper coffee cups from time to time

"If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?"

Starting off with hands down the most important quote I came by so far. These words really changed my prospective in life along with the way I talk and treat people on a daily basis. Being young and naive I , most of the times, was trying to hide my own anger and insecurities behind harsh criticism for other people's lives. This is not something I am proud of but I feel it is important to understand your flaws in order to better yourself in the days to come. So yes, I used to be this bitter girl that always had something negative to say about pretty much everyone it her life except from her close circle of friends and family. This could not be any further from the truth nowdays. I still sometimes look back and think about all these awful things that I've said and feel happy for the person I turned out to be today.

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2."Better be the one who smiled than the one who never smiled back"

These days people are so focused on their own life that sometimes tend to forget the importance of giving a smile to those around them. I often see people grabbing their coffee, buying their clothes, walking in the streets with the most empty expression and that honestly makes me sad. I do understand that people do have awful days and a million problems on their mind (believe me, I do too) but sharing a smile, a kind word is something beneficial for both parties involved.


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