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Everything's Coming Up Roses: How to Style Floral Dresses for Every Occasion

We know that you look sweet, but like the song says, every rose has its thorn and you, darling diva, are no different. Your summer schedule is packed to the brim with social events requesting your presence and you’re not one to disappoint. Don’t let your status as a must-have party guest stress you out. Plant a few floral dresses in your wardrobe this summer and we promise you’ll have something to wear for every occasion.

  • A Summer Wedding

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet – and a wedding in any kind of venue can a bit of an ordeal. Don’t let your old college roommate’s best friend’s indoor/outdoor late August “dressy casual” wedding throw you for a loop. Be prepared for whatever whims the bride fancies with a floral print wrap or midi dress at the ready in your fashion arsenal. 

A wrap dress paired with stylish wedges is the perfect breezy frock for those tented dance floors that could use a little more ventilation (and a little less of those fancy cheese plates). If you’re more petite, consider a midi dress with stylish yet comfy heels so you can cut a rug with the groomsmen without worrying about those I’ve-been-dancing-all-night blisters.

  • Garden Party Galore

Don’t let the name fool you. Flowers in the ground are not a requirement for this popular summer get together. If you’ve received an invitation, it’s during the day, and the party is mainly outside then – surprise – you’re at a garden party. Don’t panic. You’re not getting old (distinguished grays not withstanding) just classier, and you have to look the part. Find a floral print maxi dress that lets your true beauty bloom and you’ll be basking in compliments all afternoon.

Maximize the maxi look and pair your stylish dress with some fun shades and comfortable flatsAdd a few gold bangles and you’re ready for anything this oh-so-fancy shindig has to offer.

  • Beach Party? Bingo!

Maybe this isn’t the year you set sail for some far off tropical paradise, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay away from the sand. Be luau-ready in no time with a floral off the shoulder sundress fit for any island princess.

Let that gorgeous neckline have its day and resist the urge to cover it up with big chunky necklaces. Instead accessorize your fabulous self with a pair of dangling earrings or a small pendant necklace and strappy sandals and get ready for your fun in the sun to turn into moonlit strolls in no time flat.

  • Pool Party

Summer days are definitely cooler when spent lying by a pool sipping on a cocktail (or two) with friends. Turn up the heat this summer and catch some rays (and a few flirty gazes too) with an easy and fun floral t-shirt dress covering up your hottest teeny bikini.

Keep your look simple – after all, you’re here to do some splashing when things get hot. Accessorize with a fun sun hat and oversized tote and there’ll be no heat wave you can’t handle.

  • Outdoor Concert

Quiet summer nights are something to look forward to – when you’re retired. Make the most of your summer evenings and enjoy those outdoor concerts, tailgates and BBQs with the volume on high. Sport your flirty embroidered floral dresses to every outdoor venue that will have you and rock the summer away. 

No need to be reserved with this look, you’re clearly here for fun. Bring along your favorite worn leather jacket to keep you warm during those encores. Do yourself a favor and don’t mess with heels on these nights: complement your rock star look with your favorite lace up flats and get ready to rush the stage.

  • Work Picnic

It’s hard enough trying to hold back your sassy self during the M-F grind. So when the boss throws a company picnic that you must attend, let your cute floral sundress or romper remind them that you are a whole package lady – with brains and beauty.

When dressing for a work function remember that less is more. In other words, don’t wear anything too revealing and you’ll still have a job to go to on Monday. Look for a sundress or romper with a button up bodice or high neckline. And don’t forget to pair your classy look with a cross body purse or saddle bag for that extra ‘always a professional even when chowing down on a hamburger’ look.

  • Summer Fling First Date

Summer lovin’ happens so fast – it’s a fact. That’s why you must always have your first date outfit ready to go at a hot summer night’s moment’s notice. Don’t let his attention change with the tide, reel him in at first glance with a sexy floral high/low dress or leg baring maxi and get ready for a summer fling to remember.

Don’t be afraid to show a little skin when dressing to impress your fabulousness upon him. But remember, a little goes a long way, and when you accentuate your killer legs with some strappy heels all he’ll need is a peek before he’s as good as yours.


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