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The 3 things I wear since high school

best way to wear a waterfall coat

best way to wear a waterfall coat

Looking back a few years I can really see some major changes concerning my everyday style and general clothing choices. Surely this is something normal since most of us go through many transitions during our lives. Yesterday afternoon I was desperately trying to remember which clothes Iused to swear by 3-4 years ago and even more accurately which of them would still be on my shopping list if I could  re-buy them. 

The first thing that came to my mind was my ultimate obsession with loafers and ballerina shoes. Even though now I tend to look for more pointy styles the general idea is still the same. For me these are among my top 3 list of most comfortable everyday shoes.( Favorite loafers here $129.95 , here $184.95 and here $39.99 )

best way to wear a waterfall coat best way to wear a waterfall coat

Outfit Details:

The next thing that travels with me through time is camel (and generally neutral colored ) coats. I do remember the first time I bought  one of these back at high school from Zara . I simply couldn't wrap my head around the fact that on design can be combined with so many different outfits and still look chic. Since this day I tested so may different outfit variations ( black ripped jeans, plaid mini skirts, little black dresses, jumpsuits,floral-hippie playsuits ..). ( Favorite camel coats here $102 , here $49.99$ , here $69.96 )

best way to wear a waterfall coat

Last but not least large black shoulder bags. The times that I went shopping looking for the next perfect plain, black shoulder bag are literally countless. My obsession with these extremely comfortable beauties was so big I had even replaced my school backpack with the largest shoulder bag I could find and kept that habit throughout high school. Even though  the first designs I ever bought are long gone now I can definitely see myself eyeing on a few similar, current designs on a daily basis.( Favorite black bags here $59 , here $221.25 , here $119 )

best way to wear a waterfall coat


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