Since I moved to my current house (almost 3 years ago) decoration has been one of my biggest motivations. Truthfully the more time you spend in a place,
 the more attached you feel and personally since I am working from home I spend more than enough hours in my living room. If you follow me on instagram 
you probably know what a decor junkie I really am. Redecorating not only makes me happy but also gives me the motivation I need to spend more time 
working in this pleasure environment. There are so many guides on how to properly decorate your house according to your needs. Everything form living room 
decor for small spaces to clever ideas to make your home look more specious and so much more but the one thing that all of these guides have in common is how
 much , even the simplest change, can have a positive impact on your daily life. 


 During this season I am always leaning towards cozy living room decoration since let's face it, we are only one month away from Christmas. Plus during October
 I find myself looking for decorative canals much more than during any other season. Vanilla essence candles are top on my "favorite candles" list like the
  Baies/Berries scented candlefor $32 or the Paddywax $14 for a more affordable solution. 


Again, if you look at my instagram you will see that both my living room and bedroom is mostly wrapped in neutral colors. My gray sofa is probably my most
 favorite corner of the house and the easiest part is that I can place any neutral colored pillows , faux fur or add a little texture with a textured pillow case without
 making my living room space look too busy. Favorite designs at the moment are definitely the Agda Printed Yarn Pillow for $39 and Romantic Beaded pillow for $14.98


Believe it or not I had the hardest time choosing my coffee table decor. I draw most of my inspiration from pinterest 's easy coffee table decor ideas and finally I am 
able to make the most out of it since this particular space has to be both chic and practical. The first thing I added was four gilded coasters (almost the same as
 Rab Lab 's agate coasters ) from a local, handmade designer to give a boho decor touch and then continued by adding a trellis vase for only $18.