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#InstagramTuesday RoundUp

instagram roundup  instagram roundup

This month I feel even more in love with marble designs and basic, ripped denim. The Soir No47 watch caught my eye from the beginning and especially
 in Autumn I could think more than enough outfit combos to match this gorgeous marble surface, On the other hand denim came into my life for good. If you
 follow me for quite some time you probably know I always enjoyed wearing trousers rather than jeans but lately, that changed drastically .

instagram roundupn  How toinstagram roundup

During the last couple of months my phone gallery is pretty much filled with sunsets and early morning, puffy clouds. For me Summer and Autumn are 
truly the best seasons to capture such incredible images (I will let the results speak for themselves).I am definitely planning on releasing more #sunsetgoals
 really soon.

instagram roundup instagram roundup

As much as I would love to wear my sheer,pastel shirt in definite I felt it was time to add another plaid style skirt in my Fall wardrobe. In addition my favorite 
coffee places and bar-restaurants are finally open after the 1 month period of August. 

instagram roundup  instagram roundup

Last but definitely not least capturing beautiful, Autumn backgrounds along with my #ootd snaps is kind on a 'must' for me during this season. I am still
 holding on to every sunny minute we got left by refusing to let go of my lace panel playsuit


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