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Chokers, Scarfs and other goodies

how to wear chokers in Fall how to wear chokers in Fall

Scarf season is officially here and even though we are not yet ready to layer our favorite blanket scarfs there still plenty of room left to style your 
everyday looks with something much more relevant for this time of the year, bandanna scarfs. If you follow me for a while you probably know that 
bandanna scarfs are my go-to accessories for most of my casual looks (or if the situation requires so, skinny long scarfs). One thing that I have been 
asked a lot over the last few years is the reason I always "under-accessorize". The truth is you will ,most luckily, never see me stack 5 rings in 
one hand (no matter how much I love seing those inspiring instagram snaps) or wear matching jewelry sets. Maybe because deep down I am 
convinced that those beauties will eventually make me feel uncomfortable after an hour of putting them on, For this and a few extra reason I 
became addicted with the choker trend (something similar also happened to me in middle-school HA!), how can a piece of jewelry be so simple
 and lightweight but still so fashionable is beyond me. *Please tell me I am not the only one who prefers neutral colored chokers than back ones!


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