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about the time all my inspiration abandoned me

off shoulder striped top and high waisted shorts outfit inspiration

I woke up pretty early last Wednesday (seems like I hardy had any sleep the night before) totally overwhelmed by my bad mood. My cappuccino
 tasted awful, the weather was so hot that camels would most likely die and there were hardly any people on the street . First I blamed it on my bad sleeping
 habit, the excruciating hours I spent online and most of all on the empty city, full of gray, giant building that always succeed in bringing me down.
 The truth?  It was a combination of all the above . As much as I wanted to crawl in my bed once again my boyfriend forced me to go outside and at
 least, get some air. 

We were wandering around the city for a good couple of hours not being able to find an open coffee place , not being able to shoot this day's outfit
 cause of the direct sun burning up everything around us and most importantly not being able to focus on anything but walking. Seemed like all my 
inspiration abandoned me for good and a part of me was a little too afraid that it will never return. By the time we finally found a great place to sit I was 
nervously refreshing my instagram feed, liking random facebook posts iger to take my mind off my inspiration block that hunted me.
While these kinds of blocks seem like an awful way to start your day you must always find something that will cheer you up no matter how 
hard it might sounds at that point. 


Outfit Details:

Remember why you started
One of the most comforting things is taking a tour down memory lane and remember what you achieved so far. For me thinking about all the hard 
work I put on this blog over the last two years , watching  it grow , change, evolve really makes me smile. By making yourself remember the effort
 you are putting into something you really love while counting all the times these efforts paid off can definitely  give you the courage you need to keep
 on going.

Take a break
Remember my latest post about  my social media break in July? This was the main reason I returned back more inspired, relaxed and ready to work . 
Sometimes even if you are having your dream job it is really hard to keep up with the pressure ,It is ok to take a step back and enjoy what you
 already have so far. The constant need to take something into the next level does not let you appreciate what you already accomplice 


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