Have a holly jolly Christmas

The "Holly Jolly Christmas" series was created as an attempt to gather all
my favorite gift ideas , holiday guides, outfit suggestions and present them
to you as an inspiration for the Holiday season. Or most specifically in order to
forcefully drag you with me in the Christmas madness I am currently living in.


PALM PRINT RUFFLE top outfit ideas
easy pretty summer look ideas with ruffle tops
Outfit Details:

easy pretty summer look ideas with ruffle tops

Hello everyone, hope you are having a great week so far. Today I enjoyed a good 12 hours sleep, the best sleep I have had in more than 6 months. The pieceand quite is really magnificent, especially at night time. Our beach house is pretty much isolated but still a 3-5 minutes ride till the nearest restaurants and beach bars (super convenient !)

Within the past 3 days our daily routine was mainly consisted of spending the majority of our time at the beach, enjoying a variety of ice-cold beverages with the strangest names anyone can possibly think of or walking around the local souvenir shops buying the most silly things from card postal to shell necklaces. Sometimes I find myself thinking about how different my life would be if I stayed at a similar place though out the year. It would most definitelybe a both exciting and scary. I did noticed how easy-going and friendly the locals are, seems like they have no stress, at least not the kind of overwhelming stress you see in the busy cities.

summer in halkidiki greece
Mykonos beach bar, Potidaia, Halkidiki
easy pretty summer look ideas with ruffle tops   easy pretty summer look ideas with ruffle tops

Back to today's post! Palm prints looked like the perfect outfit for our summer holidays since there are so many palm trees mainly in order to sit down and enjoy a few moments without having to deal with the extremely sunny days. Afternoon found us in a great, new, seaside restaurant that we wouldn't miss it for the! If you follow me on snapchat (@kmeetsstyle) you probably saw the great view and relaxing atmosphere already.

summer in halkidiki greece

easy pretty summer look ideas with ruffle tops