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Spring flew by so fast! February seems like it was only yesterday and now look at us, happily cleaning up our closet in order to make
more room for more clothing adventures.Over the past 3 months pastels and statement prints really played a big part in my everyday
looks. There is something uniquely beautiful in neutral tone combinations and most certainly those shades will accompany me
throughout summer as well. I have been editing and re-editing this post for almost two hours and I am still not sure If I made the right
choices. Truthfully almost every outfit post is something I really loved wearing during spring again and again so the final cut was a
lot harder than it originally seemed to be.

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Off to my spring favorite trends! If haven't seen my brand new 'trends I swear by' section' then you don't know about my massive
obsession with pom pom sandals, they always tend to look both chic and funky at the same time and that is something I couldn't pass
by. Right bellow in my "favorite trends" list are off shoulder tops (and dresses). The exposed shoulders idea is something I fell in love
with as soon as I laid eyes on the first, blush off shoulder top. I loved the innocent-sexy look of it especially on loose tops and dresses.
Last but not least, suede ! The 70's vibe of suede lace up shirts and A-line skirts along with the numerous combinations you can pull
off with them was something both very original and exciting for me.

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I am really looking forward to hear about your favorite spring trends and favorite designs !

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