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coin bohemian clutch summer outfit inspiration
coin bohemian clutch summer outfit inspirationcoin bohemian clutch summer outfit inspiration
Outfit details:

If you have been a loyal reader of kmeetsstyle.com for a while you have probably seen so many aspects of my personal style. What many of you might 
call a "change" I see it as "involvement" and been able to involve in more than one aspects of your life is something extremely exciting. There are so many
 days that find me desperate for something colorful and eye catching while for others pastels and mild tones seem like the only way to go. A person can never
 have only one , everlasting mood so it is only fair for us to dress and think according to every situation or life point we are currently at or going through. 

I have always been in favor of trying new trends, colors and designs that seem extremely out of character or even a few questionable combinations here 
and there. Small things like these are in fact a great way to get out of your comfort zone and have a little fun along the process.

coin bohemian clutch summer outfit inspirationcoin bohemian clutch summer outfit inspiration

 Make sure you are feeling extra comfortable (and confident) before closing the door behind you. There have been numerous times I was dying to 
try out something new but as soon as I did I started questioning weather this particular style is actually "me" or not. It is always better for you to 
feel confident and beautiful while walking the streets rather than having second thoughts. If something feels strange to you DON'T wear it. You
 will surely find lots of alternative designs to try on.

 You know your own body. I remember myself being madly in love with pretty much all of Missguided bodysuits but I already knew that tight,
 deep V neck tops are not and haven't been "my thing" for many years now. Instead I went for something that had the lace up effect but wasn't
 as tight and revealing as the classic lace up bodysuits. Finding something that truly complements your body while makes you feel chic and comfortable
 is way more rewarding

Think before investing. Even though most of us would love nothing more than running to the closest shop and order our favorite design having no
 second thoughts reality is much more different. Before you decide to make that big investment try to find something really close to your dream design
 but much more affordable in order to be sure that you are actually gonna use it (shout out to all the clothes hanging inside our closets with  price tags on them).
 Speaking from experience one of my biggest obsessions for a while now is definitely the MiuMiu platform shoes but even though I was completely sure
 about the hundreds of times I would actually wear them I decided to hold back my inner shopaholic and purchase the most affordable version of
 H&M platform sneakers I could find in order to be sure that I was not going to waist my money on something I don't intent to wear regularly.

coin bohemian clutch summer outfit inspiration


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