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Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

suede skirt outfitsuede skirt outfit
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suede skirt outfit

Weather it's casual, athletic, preppy we all have our personal style. Surely you can have the same shoes, jewelry, shirts with many people out there
 the way you style those designs is what makes you stand out of the crowd . You might be in love with the most elegant evening dress while the next
 day might find you walking around the city with your boho fringe bag and a pair of gladiator sandals. There is nothing wrong with trying new
 things even if you are completely sure about your personal style. Most of us know which silhouettes, lengths and fabrics complement us the most but
 lately I find myself dying to try new, exciting things (completely out of my comfort zone) like the tan suede top I have never thought of wearing
 before or the lavender off shoulder dress I put on a few weeks ago. Even though those two styles have nothing in common can be the best example
 of the experimentation I am more than excited to make. There are so many factors that effect your everyday style and even though sometimes you
 might thing that you are stepping away for your old identity you surely don't! 

suede skirt outfit inspiration stylesuede skirt outfit inspiration
suede skirt outfit

Personally my whole life is basically built in experimentation , always trying to find new exciting things, meet interesting people or even pick
 up uncommon hobbies so why not trying different aspects of fashion ? While my main inspiration is based on many things like catwalks , favorite 
influences etc I am always determine to pick the silhouettes, designs and fabrics that I personally think that perfectly complement my body . 
There have been so many trending, gorgeous designs that were simply not quite me (even though I loved seing them in someone else's look) !
 The truth is even though every one has their favorite key pieces seasons, moods and lifestyle changes and it is only fair for us to change along 
with them. Three years ago I would most certainly wouldn't dream  of wearing a leather blush pair of shorts but know it seems only logical to do so.

suede skirt outfitsuede skirt outfit
suede skirt outfit

suede skirt outfitsuede skirt outfit ideas

suede skirt outfit


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