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Never Give Up On Your Dreams

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Outfit Details:
Paige Denim wash denim jacket , Missguided faux leather nude shorts , Missguided envelope bag 
Daniel Wellington Glasgow watch , Amiclubwear ankle boots

If someone had told be back in High School that one day I would be able to make a living from my ultimate dram job, wearing all my favorite high-end and affordable
 pieces , talking to brand representatives and be able to exchange opinions with so many inspiring fashion icons out there I would probably think he was completely
 insane. Lately many things got me thinking about all the opportunities we have in our lives , all the goals that we have to set in order to be the ones we truly want
 to be. Probably one of the most overwhelming moments of my life was the time I released that all the hard work and effort I put on my "little" dream finally paid off ,
 instantly thinking back to all the moments I felt like everything I was doing wasn't good enough, every moment that I doubted my self over and over again and all I 
could think about was giving up . 

Sometimes our dreams might seem so far away, so unreachable making us think that there is no point in trying to go out and get them. There is ALWAYS a point. Even 
if you fail you will be happy with yourself for doing your best but, in my opinion, the ones that are really determine to succeed always find their way to the top. Most 
of the times failure gives us just the right amount of determination we need to keep working in order to reach our goals. There is always one more time to look over 
your work and fix every possible mistake rather than letting your laziness or comfort take over.

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style off shoulder tassel blouse kaftan

The next time you will think that you are obsessively working over something that it might never pay off just remember that your big chance might knock on your door 
minutes after you decide to give up and then it will be too late. And yet again, if you are already in your "dream place" and keep aiming higher and higher , GOOD! 
you always need another goal to give you all the inspiration you need to make even bigger and better things. Get our of your comfort zone and start chasing the things
 that makes you really happy.

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"If you don't build your dreams , someone else will hire you to build theirs "


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