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Most Liked Instagram Snaps This Month

turtleneck crop top
Bohemian vibes, the catalog
As soon as March settled in we took a few days trip at the beach in order to shoot
fshion.me's 2016 swimwear catalog.The perfect opportunity to enjoy the piece
and quite along with the beautiful sunsets.

The Embroidered Shorts
A woman can never have too many blazers and in this case pairing them up with
a perfectly made, embroidered pair of shorts could only be for the best. After all 
statement pieces are something I will always enjoy wearing.

Eri's Donuts , Tsimiski Str
Every Sunday morning we take a walk down the city center in order to enjoy those
delicious goodies and grab a cup of iced coffee from the local Starbucks down the 

How To Style A Kilim Bag
No matter how many years will pass I will never get used to the beauty of handcrafted
accessories. Maslinda designs once again inspired me to style one of her gorgeous
kilim designs in a casual, everyday look

Tropical Vibes
I personally never miss a great chance to have a road trip, especially when the sun is
shinning brighter than ever. Off shoulder dresses are such a big trend this year, and
I couldn't be more excited to try one a few of my favorite designs this summer.   


Fregio , Tsimiski Str
One cannot simply resist the most delicious ice-cream in town, all those tasty flavors
and delicious looking fruits are always able to convince me to take a bite.


Leopard Loafers
Spring Getaway , the catalog

Potidaia, Chalkidiki

Once again the sunset found us starring at the calm, clear water enjoying the piece and

Gladiator Beauties
GreekChichandmades gladiator sandals will most likely be of my favorite sandals
for this summer. I am always so pleased to see such talented, fellow Greek 
designers with so many creative ideas.

Spring In The City
The first day of Spring found us wrapped in the warmest rays of sunshine. I can only
daydream of all the beautiful days that are about to come. During these days pastel
colored looks make me feel extremely chic no matter the hour.
Elegant #Armcandy
Clear lines and unique designs are always able to captivate me, especially when 
beauty meets great prices and tones of different designs . The Gramercy collection
by Rymbatimes is a definite #armcandy.


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