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Great Things Are About To Come

k-meets-style black bikini photoshootk-meets-style bikini photoshoot

Good morning everyone! The last three days of our trip was mainly posted on my instagram since we had a long list of exciting obligations to finish before
 we get back to the busy city. I will most definitely miss this place after I am gone but for now , I am filled with all the energy I need to return to my everyday
 life and only wish for a few more days at the beach in the next months. Even though we experience  pretty windy Valentine's day it finally became an excuse
 to wrapped ourseld with the fuzziest blanket we could find, light up the heat and enjoy a (really hard to be found) cup of hot cocoa. I strongly believe that
 this would be one of those silly, romantic moments that we will look back at and smile one day.

k-meets-style how to style harem pants

As you all probably know by now after this and this post mixing business with pleasure is only one of the many things I really enjoy about blogging. Having experienced
 so many new things everyday can only make you feel more strong about your work and less overwhelmed about the future and all the potential misfortunes that may 
come with it!

k-meets-style black bikini photoshootk-meets-style bikini photoshoot

I can only feel sad because as this post goes live I would probably be at my way home from this beautiful place but as I already rambled about it before these following
months will be filled with future great memories.

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