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Why Everyone Loves Camel Coats

how to style camel coat
Outfit Details:
Victoria Swing camel coat , Wool sweater similar here , Shein Scarf
SpyLoveBuy Pointed toe loafers  , Rebelina Sunglasses c/o , Skinny Trousers, sold out similar here , Tote bag similar here

Over the last few years I started to invest in more timeless, chic outwear pieces since they are the ones that will actually get me trough the winter days. 
The weather in Greece (as noted in my previous "how to style a shirt dress" post ) is more than unpredictable therefore I need a variety of
  blazers, coats, and cardigans to keep myself warm. (Only a few days ago I was wearing a shirtdress with OTK boots and today we woke
 up only to face one of the most windy days of this winter) 

Even though my outwear collection is consisted of many versatile pieces like this long, shirred coat  the Wine red cardigan and 
Apricot lapel coat   I do find camel coats much more flattering and easily combined concerning their color and fabric. If you spontaneously
 decide to dress in pastel even though snowboard boots would be a much better choice for this weather , you will find out all the
 amazing combinations a camel coat can help you pull off. Bonus point! Due to it's neutral color it can easily be worn from day to night
(that includes any meeting or work related errand along the way.
how to style camel coats
how to style camel coathow to style camel coats
"Trends come and go but a few things will never go out of style." 
(I am planning on writing an article strictly about all the the timeless pieces a woman should have in her wardrobe within the next few days).

k-meets-style Rebelina Glasses Etsy

I can't help but miss those bright, happy days of spring (and summer), everything seems much more easy and pleasant when you open the bedroom
 window in order for the rays of sunshine to rush in. If wanted to write a "what's in my bag" article, a pair of sunglasses will definitely be in
 it (a girl can dream) Don't let the lighting fool you, there is hardly any sun and I have so many unique eye-wear designs sitting
 piece fully in my bedroom's corner ready to be worn.

how to style camel coats


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