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People Are Full Of Surprises

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'That girl over there knows exactly what she wants to do with their life.' 'That other girl next to that guy can easily see her future, married, with
 2 kids, living happily ever after in a cute little house near the lake ' (cliche? you will be surprised)

And there is this girl, the one that was trying to much to fit in, the one that always though that whatever she was doing wasn't enough.
 The one that was holding on to a situation and making tones of scenarios, playing them over and over again in her head, expecting
 different outcomes every time. That will most likely sound very familiar to you. Most of us are guilty of envying those who already know, 
or planned their future so perfectly , jobs, family and all. But not all of us are made for that instant success. Sometimes it takes lots of work and
 a great help from the people you love, and can't imagine your life without. Those great supporters that silently sitting in the corner listening 
to your fears, frustrations ,dreams and still accept you from who you are

There will be a time when you will realize exactly what you want to do with the rest of your life, you will hold on to that dream and never
 look back. You may forget the point, or spend many frustrated, sleepless nights but hard work and determination always works out
. Those who fight for what they love will be greatly rewarded, history has proven that over and over again. Remember, falling is just a
 part of the game, a life lesson which should not be repeated. 

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No one ever said that chasing your dream will be easy. It takes lot's of self consideration. You really need to search deep in order to 
understand your fears, faults and fight them to death. Truly understanding your self is the begging of everything. No one 
is perfect (and no one will ever be ) but the true goal is to create your own vision of "perfectness" .

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