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6 Ways To Rock Your Thigh Boots

Style Boho chic in winter

Every year I find myself obsessed over another piece of clothing. I don't know about you guys but for my staying warm and cozy is one of the most 
important things when it comes to winter trends. Surely in Greece we do not have to put up with the extremely cold temperatures but 
still, the weather isn't particularly pleasing during this time of the year.( ohh! You probably heard my complains in my previous posts). 
During the last 2 months I tried to pull off many different winter looks using my River Island thigh boots and Shein Envelope bag as key pieces.

how to style shirtdresshow to style a shirtdress
Layering a shirt dress with Thigh boots
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Shirt dresses plus thigh boots are one of my dearest combinations during winter. The beauty of choosing a shirt dress as a key piece is that you can definitely wear
the same look through out the day. If you have already worn thigh boots at least once in your life you probably know by now how comfy those shoes really are.

how to style shirtdresshow to style a shirtdress

Leather skirt and Thigh boots
Leather skirts and thigh boots are a great combination especially when you are getting ready for a nigh out. 
We all had those freezing cold evenings we wished the temperature to climb up a few degrees so we can enjoy dressing up for the events.
 I personally enjoy showing a few inches of skin during winter without looking completely out of place.

how to style overtheknee bootshow to style a over the knee boots
Tailored playsuit and Thigh Boots
Even though tailored playsuits are not that common I find them more than amazing , They offer an
 effortless elegance even in the most casual look . No surprise that this was the first combination I tried as soon as I got my first pair of over the knee boots this winter.

how to style overtheknee bootshow to style a over the knee boots
Wrapped ,shirred coat and Thigh boots
For those special days that we feel too tired to search for the perfect combo or we got caught up (once again) on
 the"I have nothing to wear" paranoia ,throwing on a sweater dress is definitely the best way to go especially when we use a belt
 to wrap around us a long, shirred coat. 

how to style overtheknee bootshow to style a over the knee boots
Skinny jeans + Thigh boots
When I want to steal a few moments out of a busy day and grab a quick coffee downtown all I want is to
 feel comfy in my everyday jeans. One of my greatest life hacks is to pair up my skinny jeans with over the knee boots as they make my figure look a lot taller while looking like
 I put almost no effort in my casual look.

how to style overtheknee bootshow to style a over the knee boots
Asymmetric skorts  with Thigh boots
The "school girl" effect is by far one of the prettiest trends so far. Plaid will never go out of fashion (hopefully)
and during those windy , morning days skirts are never a good idea. High waisted skirts and bottoms can really make a difference to your look since
 (as previously mentioned on the "skinny jeans and thigh boots" category they have the ability to lengthen your figure.


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