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5 Things I Would Have Done Differently

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I wouldn't change myself to fit in

I wish I would't change my appearance and way of thinking just  to be a part 
of the crowd. It is always totally ok to ignore those who try to turn you
into something  you really aren't in order for them to feel good about themselfs.
16 is such a young, easily manipulated age if someone offers you the world.

I wouldn't risk my health to have the "perfect" body

I was a young girl with a mind filled with all those gorgeous figures in every magazine 
cover, obsessed over all those beautiful dresses that I couldn't possibly fit in and many 
more stressful thoughts through out a day. I have previously confessed my past obsession
 with the perfect body image in my  body acceptance and its impacts post but in reality the 
constant feeling of not being enough is more terrifying than I could even describe with words. 

I would travel more

While I was in high school I was blessed enough to travel to Paris and London. Even
though those getaways left me with countless stories to tell I was desperately wanted
to visit more  places like Thailand, Cuba, New York an so many more! 
My parent used to travel (almost) the world but the though of staying away from 
my high school boyfriend for more than a week seemed like the worst thing that 
could ever happen to me at that point.

I wouldn't stay silent

I found myself talking about this with a group of close friends last week. Each and everyone 
of them agreed on one subject. No matter if it was a small or a larger incident, they wished they
 have spoken up about an unfair, threatening (..) situation, I couldn't agree more. Back at my 
high school years I have witnessed bulling countless times. It took me more than 2 years to 
finally speak up and take sides .

I wouldn't be so negative

Setting up goals only to let them slip away the next day, over-stressing about every little
 thing  while being moody about all those things I couldn't accomplice (without looking at 
everything I had managed to do so far). Teenagers use to feel that way but this was
not an excuse as there were plenty of examples of fellow 16 years olds with tones 
of accomplishments and positive energy

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