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summer striped dress and gladiator sandals outfit ideas

This photoshoot was probably one of the most bizarre yet amazing shots I have ever posed for. I have an unconditional love for everything ethnic , handmade
 etc I found exactly what I was looking for on Novum Crafts. Novum crafts is based on the native american philosophy, browsing through their shop 
you will be able to find beautifully made Indian Headdresses , jewelry , leather bags and the one thing I loved the most (right after this beautiful headdress)
  carved animal skulls ! I have been wanting to get my hands on one of this gorgeous skulls for quite some time. My living room is in desperate need of 
something so unique.

"Novum Crafts is based in the heart of Bali and is made up of a group of the most talented local artists. These Balinese master craftsmen have spent 
countless years developing the skill level needed to transform the ordinary (such as a piece of driftwood) into something absolutely breathtaking. 
Using their hands they are capable of creating virtually anything! Being in Bali helps our artists thrive on the creative vibe of the island; making 
what they create solely limited by their imagination." Read The Full Story

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