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It's never too cold or too warm to add some denim in your everyday life, over the years the "denim" or "jeans" trend gained a great amount of loyal followers, taking it's special place to almost every wordrobe and eventually was labeled as a "closet essential". If you are in desperate need of something chic and yet casual and easy to pair with, this is the answer for you.

Athough denim has proven it's value again and again we can't help but mention the best and worst combinations we have seen .


  • Plain t-shirt and demin jeans/shorts/skirts? YES.

This is probably the first combination you have in mind when you want to take a walk, meet your friends for cofee, go shopping etc. 

  • Long,loose shirt and denim shorts/jeans?YES

A loose shirt over(or under) demin shorts or pants is probably the most elegant way to wear these pieces. It offers a fresh, casual look , ideal for almost every hour of the day, in some cases it is considered as apropiete office look.

  • Demin on demin? NEUTRAL

Yes, we have all seen the biggest fashion influencers wearing their favourite denim shirt combined with similar denim pants, although I find it a little borring and unflattering as I am not a big fan of matching pieces (except from total black and total white) it's an open sicret that many fashion designers based their collections on this particular combination over the years

  • Tank tops and overalls? YES

If you are meeting the age limits this outfit combination is everything you need during a hot summer day. Over the last two years this one grew pretty rapidly among millions of women out there, and with a good reason.

  • Denim shorts and revealing crop tops? NO!!

It doesn't matter if you Adriana Lima herself or the girl next door, this combination is a million times more disturbing than flattering. I am 100% in favour of showing some skin, but there is a small difference between "some" and "all of it". Do you wish to show your legs?don't leave your stomach and bust bare too.

  • Denim and jackets? YES

What is the best (light) outwear piece in a windy summer day?Denim jackets can be worn with almost everything you can think of. Shirts, dresses,shorts,skirts,playsuits(..)

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