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S1 earphones
Hard carrying case

1 set comfy foam tips, 6 sets of silicone ear tips,1 set of silicone Bi-flange ear tips
,1 set of silicone Tri-flange ear tips

Airplane adapter

12 months warranty card

Hello lovely readers!Today's subject conserns the importanse of quality sound compined with elegan,chic design and colour. I was really pleased when I was asked to review these magnificent Brainwavz S1 earphones by www.yourbrainwavz.com .Every time I research to buy a new pair of earphones there are basic thinks I look for, sound quality, comfortness, good application and stylish design ,In Brainwavz S1 I found the perfect combination of these elements.

characteristics: Brainwavz offers an impressive ,profesional sound quality and endurability able to satisfy even the most demanding buyers.Τhe juncion of the airphones is super strong making them almost imposible to break or get damaged. It has a very light over the ear design,easy to carry around in many circumstances. Last but not least they design and colour is simple but yet very unique and stylish with main colours as gray and deep pearple in order to be able to carry them with you no matter your clothing choises.

Content and packaging: As soon as I received the product I couldn't help but admire the packaging and the detailed instructions it came with.When I first opened the box the earphones was carefully placed it a plastic"window" inside their hard carrying case. The whole box apart from the earphones and the carring case contains 8 sets of ear tips(silicone,silicone Bi-flange , Tri-flange) a set on comply foam tips in order to be adapted in every  person's needs.You can also find an airplane adapter and the one year warranty card.

In conclusion,these airphones took their place in my everyday bag as I listen to my favourite music almost everywhere I go. I deffinately suggest this product if you seek the same caracteristics as I do, it will most certain not disappoint you.

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