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Hello lovely reades, Between my morning job and hose renovation I dind't had much time for an outfit photoshoot. As sping comes we decided to change our appartment and finally buy the goodies we were planning to. It is both exhausting and super fun, I can't wait to see the final results.

Today's look is (apart from the ancle boots) more casual than I usually prefere, but as I mentioned before, I didn't had much time to prepare.I particularly like this stripped shirt , which I totaly stole from my boyfriend's closet. Have you ever think that men's shirt are somehow more stylish that women's? 

the abandoned factory:
1 year ago we passed the factory's gate for the first time. It is a extraordinary place in the center of the city, which noone visits anymore. There are so many halls, stairs, rooms and platforms to choose from, we haven't descovered all the hidden places yet. Apparently  two big fires almost destroyed the place, but fortunately, all the workers were unharmed. Why I like this place so much? I have no idea. IMaybe it remindes me of Freddy Krueger hahaha

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