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Hello lovely readers! For a while now I wanted to show you some of my favourite face care products. My needs are pretty special when it comes down to face care and skin irritations. Durring the last few years I was searching for something more that  average product. I needed something that can offer quick , stunning effects especially durring the night as this is the time that I really relax . Here are some of the regular products I use and re-use every single day

Juneva's cleansing gel is my answer to anyone who asks me about my favourite makeup removal. This particular product is what exactly I need as it is "for oily and normal to oily skin" .It's remarkable effects leave me with the best impressions as it removes the make and the dirt without damaging or drying my skin. Applying the gel is really simple. All you have to do is place it on moist skin and rub it gently until it turns to foam. The entire process takes 1-2 minutes and it is really worth it . My skin feels so smooth and refreshed without a trace of makeup .

Apivita has a variety of body/face care products. I used "Apivita,lip care with propolis" a month ago, since then it took it's place in my purse . I use it every single day ,but if you want the full effect you can use it before going to bed. I tend to bite my lips to the point of bleeding , Whatever I do , I just can stop this annoying habbit . This lip balm with it's organic beeswax and olive oil has the quickest effect(it takes about 1 hour to feel the real difference on your lips). As amazing as it sounds , I put this product on my lips before going to bed, and I by the time I wake up the pain, dryness and bad look is gone.

As you can see I also own a sample of this lip balm, but it just wasn't enough

Cleasing gel before the apply

Beeswax/olive oil lip balm

1 . I noticed that it's pretty hard to see the cleasing foam but I did my best to show you the little amount of product needed to achive the full effect.
2.Apivita's lip balm makes your lips look glossy


Quick notice: I wanted to show you the full effect so I took these shots after I woke up, excuse the no makeup appearance today.My hair looks awful

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  1. Nice skin care routine! I also love a good lip balm and skin care in general :)



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