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Hello lovely readers!
Planning to change my hair colour was my inspiration for today, as we will talk about "What colours to wear to complement your hair". This subject was the main question in one of my college projects a while ago ,helping me understand better the colous & combinations

Athough blond gets the attention quicker that every other hair colour, brunettes are the lucky ones when it comes to hair colour combinations. You can easily put on printes , bold colours , orange, yellow,red,blue. If you wante= to categorise the colours even further,"warm brunetters" should definitely try brown, red tints(..) and "cool brunettes" can be best flattered with blown, ash brown , black(..)

If you are a warm brunnete stay away from pastel colours, they will make you look pale and washed out. If you insist on neatural tones go with black, white and gray .Pastel tones, blue shades and lavender is the best choises for a "cool: brunette, they are going to flatter your skin tone and your hair colour like no others. Don't try red based tones such as mustared, yellow or orange.


Blond is best known for the ability to caught the attention quicker than any other hair colour. But with catching the attention comes certain responsibilities. In order to tell which colour fits you the best you have to be devited into two categories ,warm blonde(honey,gold) or cool blond(platinum, beige, and ash tones)

Cool blonds can definatly nail pastel & gray coloues, but don't be carried away and stay away from red,gold, orange,they won't compliment your skin colour or your blond hair ending up looking too pale. Warm blonds on the other hand should always avoid pasted and very dark colours like black and embrasse all the earthy tones like ivory, yellow, camel, orange/red shades

The most difficult category . Many time I have seen girls with red hair wearing all kinds of vibrant colours (pink, yellow), and that is a big NO!Scarlet is best combined with coral, blue-greens, camel, cream, chocolate browns, and peachy oranges. There is a fine reason why red is so close with blue in the colour scale, obviously they look great together. Put on a navy blue dress, can catch everybody's eye. Stay away from orange, yellow,pink and any shade in between.

Hightlights can be a little tricky, regulary you will have both warm and cool tones, making it harder to choose the best colours for you. There is a simple solution for this. You have to choose colours that compliment your dominant hair colour or the one that resembles your face

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