Dose of pretty

FIT by Maybelline HERE// SuperStay powder by Maybelline HERE// IsaDora Lipstick HERE//Eye Shadow by Oriflame HERE// Gel Eyeliner by Maybelline HERE // Perfume-Read my cute story bellow

Hello lovely readers, For a while now I was thinking about making a post complitly  dedicated to my favourite beauty products. I am not a makeup expert, I mainly use only the products I really need(lipstick, foundation,powder,eyeliner),and I am satisfied with the results. 

My skin tends to get irritated by lots of makeup products, that's why I always search for new ones, but as for my regular makeup routine I use products by Maybelline( you can see bellow my foundation, eyeliner gel and powder) .In my opinion they offer a variety of quality products for every taste and need. My IsaDora lipstick was a gift from one of my closest friends, days after she got her own, I know the brand is pretty unknown to most of us but the colour and feel is what I was looking for.

My cute (fake)Perfume story:
Almost two months ago me and my boyfriend had a trip to visit some friends in Athens, as our one year anniversary was coming he was always searching for cute ideas and things for us to do. While I was sitting in a quite coffee shop, blogging as usual he passed in frond of a street salesman with a basket full of (fake)perfumes , he saw this bottle called "sexy chocolate" saying that it was perfect for me as my skin tone is pretty much like chocolate and of course my 'talent' not been able to write the word "chocolate" properly ( the word on the bottle is misspelled).It sounded so silly and lovable at the same time.