Have a holly jolly Christmas

The "Holly Jolly Christmas" series was created as an attempt to gather all
my favorite gift ideas , holiday guides, outfit suggestions and present them
to you as an inspiration for the Holiday season. Or most specifically in order to
forcefully drag you with me in the Christmas madness I am currently living in.

City center's most beautiful hour

Hello lovely readers!
Today we had a pretty early photoshoot in the streets of Thessaloniki's city center, I particularly adore this time of the day, the light hits almost perfectly and there is no traffic. Afterwords we take a long walk near the sea and eventualy we found ourself drinking a hot cup of coffee to prevent ourself from freezing even more.

This month I have lots of positive energy, I can sense that things can only go right, but I don't want to ruin my goodluck by talking about it. I try to change the look of my blog constantly, I always tend to add minimalistic elements, as I am a huge fan of minimalism in general. As you can see I put only the most important things in my sidebar and made my blog's navigation even easier. I tend to post regularly every 3 days. At the end I made a monthly blogger plan in order to keep my page, posts and collaborations organised. This turn out to be one of the most helpful things I have ever done in my "blogging career"