City center's most beautiful hour

Hello lovely readers!
Today we had a pretty early photoshoot in the streets of Thessaloniki's city center, I particularly adore this time of the day, the light hits almost perfectly and there is no traffic. Afterwords we take a long walk near the sea and eventualy we found ourself drinking a hot cup of coffee to prevent ourself from freezing even more.

This month I have lots of positive energy, I can sense that things can only go right, but I don't want to ruin my goodluck by talking about it. I try to change the look of my blog constantly, I always tend to add minimalistic elements, as I am a huge fan of minimalism in general. As you can see I put only the most important things in my sidebar and made my blog's navigation even easier. I tend to post regularly every 3 days. At the end I made a monthly blogger plan in order to keep my page, posts and collaborations organised. This turn out to be one of the most helpful things I have ever done in my "blogging career"