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Wedding Season With Muee

Nothing can be more beautiful than getting married to the person you love while the sun slowly reaches the surface of the sea during a warm, summer afternoon. I find weddings during this time of year to be extremely serene and romantic.I have always dreamed of the perfect summer wedding myself, watching the clouds as they slowly change colors, deeping your toes in the sand, breathing the salty air and of course, being wrapped in the most flattering -flowy wedding dress.
As the hunt for the most divine wedding dress starts pretty early for us women I thought this month would be a great opportunity to share some of my favorite wedding gowns along with a few quick tips I learned over the years in fashion school and through personal research about which fabrics, patterns and lengths can complement your body the best way possible no matter your size.
Focus on finding the best silhouette for you When we think about wedding dresses instantly the Ballgown type pops up in our heads. Even thoug…

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