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 As a firm urban style lover, Däsnine has been on my radar a lot this year. This upscale German-American label is exactly where streetwear meets high fashion, with huge doses of minimalism. The brand's elevated aesthetic caught my attention from the moment I laid eyes on their iconic blood orange messenger bag on Instagram back in 2019-you all know how much I adore this color.

Undoubtedly I am a big fan of premium high street brands, especially if they carry styles with the artist's unique, creative touch. Let's just say that Däsnine is definitely a name I will be adding to my holiday wish list this Christmas.

Welcoming the Berlyn's Mini

Diving deep into the world of handbags with the sole purpose of finding the perfect bag to add to your collection can sometimes feel like an impossible task, especially in such a saturated market. Non the less, if you are as obsessed as I am with extra special pieces that actually catch everyone's eye, I have the perfect suggestion for you. Däsnine just released  Berlyn's mini, you can call it the latest luxury drop- I call it a piece of art. The signature 3in x 3in bag feels pleasingly original while still looking minimal. Plus buying from an indie brand means you won't get frustrated every time another person carries the same style just a few meters away.

luxury mini handbag from the US Dasnine
This bag might not be on the affordable side but, it all makes sense if you consider the design creativity and the carving-stamping procedure the genuine Cowhide Leather has to go through. Bonus point, it is 100% made in the US. Overall, Däsnine clothing and accessories are bound to fit effortlessly into your wardrobe, especially if you love adding statement details to your everyday outfits.

dasnine berlyn's bag

Whether you are currently on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift for yourself or simply love to bookmark items for a future shopping spree, you can be sure that everything from this brand has something unique to offer to your fashion collection.

What is the first thing that instantly comes to your mind when you hear the word Japan? I bet it's the delicious food, killer street styles, some of your all-time favorite anime, AND flawless, clear skin. Japanese beauty is deeply rooted in skincare, that's why baby soft skin and bright, clear complexions are at the top of everyone's beauty goals list. Truth be told, I could definitely use a few pore cleaning and moisturizing products to battle the cold days of winter.

Over the last few years, Japanese products have certainly influenced Western skincare- because they actually work. Most of us swear by our high maintenance daily skincare regimes, but j-beauty is based on how to achieve flawless skin with the least amount of products. For those of us who constantly try to avoid all and any harmful ingredients and chemicals that might cause irritations and inflammation to our skin, Japanese skincare offers the right balance between ancient natural ingredients and cutting-edge biotechnology. From fragrance-free high-quality soap sets to fermented rice bran extract serums, check out some all-time favorite J-beauty products ahead.

This Japanese Skincare Brand Uses Ancient Natural Ingredients To Make You Glow

Edobio is a brand you might have never heard of before but, trust me, you will definitely hear a lot in the future. They utilize techniques that have been effective for hundreds of years, giving us full transparency for the ingredients they use and the process behind each of their products. Edobio offers plant-based formulas with no preservatives and harsh chemicals. And in true Asian beauty fashion, their packaging is the cutest and deserves to be displayed in your bathroom.

Geisha Ukiyoe Soap Set , 50% OFF

This Japanese Skincare Brand Uses Ancient Natural Ingredients To Make You Glow

This set consists of all 3 of the Ukiyoe soaps: Hana, Hane, and Neko. The use of developed BiProGE Lactic Acid Bacteria combined with natural ingredients such as Honey and Olive Fruit Oil will leave your skin feeling smooth and super moisturized. They also contain fermented rice bran extract, a well-known ingredient for skin cleansing and brightening used by Japanese women (and men) for years. Originally around 15 each-now for only 33, this is the perfect gift for yourself or to share with your best friend, she can thank you later.

If you love the Japanese culture as much as I do, check out the beautifully crafted soap dishes inside the gift sets.

This Japanese Skincare Brand Uses Ancient Natural Ingredients To Make You Glow

 Right after smooth and glowy skin, white teeth are at the top of our beauty goals list we will never stop trying to achieve. Considering our obsession with caffeine and other occasional bad health habits our flawless white smile isn't always that white.

Dozens of drugstore and high-end brands offer quick whitening treatments to restore our beautiful smiles, but at what cost? I read quite a few reviews and academic studies on what you should always look for when it comes to these miracle formulas.

No matter if you are interested in trying easy at-home treatments like premium whitening strips or a more costly alternative the results may differ according to the ingredients and formula. Some products require the use of blue plasma light while others - my personal favorites- nothing at all. You just sit back and let them do all the work for you.

Ingredients to avoid

So is there a tremendous difference in ingredients? Well, even though the technology is pretty much the same, hydrogen peroxide, there are indeed some much safer and more effective alternatives on the market. Especially if you suffer from gum or teeth sensitivity, the peroxide will cause more harm than good. Oral care should always be taken seriously. A 2016 study found that low concentration hydrogen peroxide gels had significant negative effects on tooth enamel. The concentration of in-store teeth whitening kits can be as high as 10%, meaning that the gel needs to stay on the teeth for long periods to do the job. On the contrary, dentists offer whitening treatments with concentrations of up to 40%- less time on the teeth, lower risk of enamel damage.

Natural teeth whitening products for under 35€

If you are looking for organic, all-natural teeth whiteners that will not irritate your already sensitive skin, I included a safe option to try. COCOWHITE  whitening strips are mixed with active charcoal extracted from the coconut shell. The coconut activated carbon formula will be a great addition to your oral care routine and help you battle unwanted teeth discoloration. As promised, the products are Peroxide and Chlorine dioxide-free and safe to use by everyone. 

Shop COCOWHITE  premium whitening strips

There are two  COCOWHITE  options to choose from, 14 or 28 pcs of whitening stripes which are both on sale right now for under 35€. They are currently offering 1 day delivery in Europe, which is great for those of us who have plenty of time to experiment with new products during the quarantine. 

When it comes to growing a business, the amount of money that you invest in your brand is ultimately going to give you a better result. If you have money to spend on marketing, then you’re undoubtedly going to have a better time growing your brand than a new at-home business that doesn’t have much capital to work with.

Fortunately, there are a couple of unique strategies that these small businesses are using to grow their brands without spending much money at all. So in this article, we’re going to show you some of those strategies and how they can help you grow a small brand with relatively little capital.

Using micro-influencers instead of well-known influencers

Strategies That Small at-Home Businesses Are Using To Grow Their Brands
Image by kevberon
Spreading your brand via word of mouth is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow a brand. One of the best ways to achieve this is to use micro-influencers instead of aiming for the well-known influencers with millions of followers on various platforms. The goal of using micro-influencers is to spread your brand through a smaller community of passionate people that could be potential customers in the future. As you grow your brand via word of mouth, you’ll find that more influencers will want to work with you for the mutual benefits that it offers.

Looking professional despite being a small business

Appearances are important when it comes to the world of business. Even if you’re a small at-home business, that’s no excuse not to establish a professional appearance so that you can draw in more customers. A great way to achieve this is to register a physical address to your business instead of using your home address. There are many different locations that you can pick for your physical address, such as well-known business estates and industrial areas. This will help give your brand a much more professional look which is always important in the world of business.

Dropshipping as an alternative to storing the products at home

Strategies That Small at-Home Businesses Are Using To Grow Their Brands
Image by Goumbik
When it comes to selling products, it’s usually important to have a lot of space at home to ensure that you can store everything and get it ready for shipping. However, this can be time-consuming and you’ll need to buy all of the stock beforehand so that you have it ready to ship from home. However, there’s a relatively new concept known as drop shipping that you can use to grow your brand without investing too much money. Dropshipping means that the manufacturer or supplier ships the product directly to the customer as the order comes in. This is much cheaper since you only pay for the materials and production cost per order. While you eventually want to take shipping and production into your own hands, this is a fantastic way to get started.

This was just a small introduction to some of the unique strategies that people are using to grow their businesses. There are plenty more ways to save money and grow your brand as a small at-home business and it’s up to you to discover them as your business matures.
Now, more than ever, our super busy lives demand clothing that is not only practical but comfortable as well. Giving up your personal style is definitely not the case. If you are on the hunt for new, comfy outfit combinations that still leave you plenty of space to be creative, Athleisure might just be the answer you sick. If you follow my life, both here and on Instagram, you probably already know how much I genuinely love getting away with wearing the comfiest, gender-neutral clothes outside in my day-to-day life. There is something very liberating about seeing people who continuously try to blur the lines between performance wear and casual streetwear.

Athletic chic outfit inspiration

What's the meaning of athleisure?

The ultimate blend of ready-to-wear styles with activewear that naturally creates many cool and unique outfit combos. Fashion is constantly adapting to the rapid changes in our lifestyle. People are now, more than ever, refusing to follow most types of “dress codes.” On the contrary, they focus on self-expression and individuality.

How to nail the Athleisure street style game

Streetstyle winter 2021 outfit inspiration
Images by WhoWhatWear, Lissyroddyy, TheFashionSpot, MotelRocks
Streetstyle athleisure outfit inspiration
Even though there is no strict set of rules, there are always some tips & tricks on how to style the perfect  Athleisure looks with minimum effort. Try layering your sports bras and hoodies with leather coats and a pair of oversized joggers. Matching sports sets look gorgeous under maxi coats with neutral colors, especially if you add your go-to sneakers to the mix.

I personally swear by vintage, unisex jackets at the moment mainly because I can throw them on with a pair of thick leggings and my trusted Vans sneakers. 

Mixing tailored pieces, like a basic blazer, with oversized hoodies and ladylike bags is a huge trend right now.

Just because you are wrapped in your favorite athletic wear, doesn't mean you can't add accessories. Baseball caps, chain necklaces, and earrings, winter-appropriate beanies are only a few great items you can add to your Athleisure look.

Comfort meets Luxury with this emerging fashion brand

EXL Studion fashion brand California

New street style labels are popping up left and right but ELX Studio actually has something to offer- a fresh take on gender-neutral, premium quality apparel that focuses on inclusivity. The Best part? The quantities will be limited, meaning that you will be able to have unique pieces -if you act fast. More and more people are interested in timeless, investment pieces to save in their capsule wardrobe for years to come. In other words, quality definitely beats quantity, especially when it comes to street wear.
It's all about originality, self- love and personal expression.
"I want to encourage my community to appreciate what they’ve been blessed with." said the fashion designer and founder of ELX Studio."Clothes don’t make us. But they can sure take confidence to the next level. For the underrepresented and the nonconformists, I’m here for you." she continued. The vision behind the brand is very clear. It's time to get rid of all the unhealthy and highly unrealistic beauty standards once and for all. Body positivity and free self-expression through fashion should be normalized by each and every person.

Want to get a taste? @elxstudio is about to host a pre-launch giveaway (US and Canada). Pre-ordering will be available next week so you will be able to get your hands on the first batch of the new styles. Sign up to get all the latest updates.

After shopping from the same old multinational corporations that always seem to be at the top of the fashion scene, we all feel the need to explore other options and try out something new. The mainstream fashion industry is definitely a crowded one and in recent years more and more fast fashion brands are popping up left and right. Even though I do understand people's need to get their hands on the latest, trendiest outfits without breaking the bank, the humanitarian and environmental consequences are way too severe to ignore.

So, can we actually stay away from fast fashion? No, unfortunately, even though there are plenty of resources, we cannot 100% be certain about the ethics of all of our favorite brands. I have been an advocate for second-hand shopping for quite some time now. Even though it takes a bit of time and energy, finding a hidden gem between the racks can be such a joy. As you can see from my Instagram page, I often try to alter my thrift finds to better compliment my personal style. And that is exactly the subject of this article.

Custom clothing that goes beyond the "basics". Indie brands offering streetwear styles that are blessed with the artist's unique touch are the new craze. Underground fashion labels are known for their creative flow, innovative ideas, and raw artistic skills. 8smilez is a newly founded brand based in New York with a very clear message. His limited edition styles are here for those who want to differentiate from the social norms and reflect their personality.

In this consumer-driven era of seasonal trends, custom made styles are a long-term investment. You will always have in mind that this particular piece of clothing was made just for the few who were quick to hit the order button. There is something great about limited edition screen-prints or hand-painted designs. From made to order Dickies logo work pants to hoodies and truckers 8smilez offers many streetwear styles you definitely won't be able to find anywhere else. 

 What exactly makes a great workbag depends on what you do for work. Do you currently have a desk job that requires the use of a laptop? Then a structured tote bag might be exactly what you need. Are you always on the move? A spacious backpack or crossbody bag with outside pockets will come in handy. Yes, there are so many different work bags to choose from and match with your everyday outfits but, today we will focus on the ones that actually help you stick to your healthy eating habits.

The importance of meal preparation

You don't need to be an athlete to consider this. In fact, meal preparation can be a life-changing decision, especially if you are too busy to cook new, healthy recipes each day of the week. This technique is based on pre-cooking. The basic idea is to prep certain food - for the next day or several days ahead- and store each meal into lunch boxes. This way you will always be able to snack on something healthy during the day. Meal prepping is also a great way to control your portions and save money by replacing low nutrient snacks with healthy alternatives.

What does all this have to do with stylish handbags? I can see you looking a bit confused, let me break this down for you. If you are like me, desperately trying to stick to a healthy diet despite your hectic daily schedule, then this one is for you. Praktikals is a brand with a very clear mission to create fashionable yet very functional vegan leather bags for everyday, hard-working women. The main purpose of these innovative bags is to help all fitness enthusiasts maintain their healthy eating schedule no matter how busy lives can sometimes be.

The fashionable meal pre bag you didn't know you needed

Praktikals carry 3 different meal per bags with unique characteristics. The Bella, Eloho, and Maris bags offer the best (and most discreet) meal pre compartments to store your home-cooked meals. Praktikals can be your new, fully functional work, travel, or gym bag that keeps your meals and drinks fresh throughout the day - thanks to the insulated food compartments.

"I love carrying my homemade meals to wherever I go and every time food or water would spill all over my bag. That made me thinking of a handbag that would resolve those issues that most women experience regularly. That is how Praktikals handbag was born. " said Leidiane, the founder. 

These bags have proven to a great staple piece to our wardrobes. The online product reviews speak for themselves. All three bag styles are currently on sale! Visit the website to find out more.



 After spending a huge amount of time in our homes this year, most of us are looking forward to planning a quick and safe getaway this winter. Whether you are dreaming of spending your days wrapped up in a cozy blanket next to the fireplace in your newly rented cabin or want to go all-in with a week-long vacation near the ocean, this one is for you. 

Winter holidays sound amazing in theory, but without the right travel tips, planning may be stressful sometimes. Traveling can be tricky especially if you are trying to find affordable vocations that fit your budget and your bucket list. We are all guilty of scrolling through Instagram for hours eyeing on the most expensive destination photos we simply cannot afford.

Luckily, after a ton of trials and errors, I finally managed to gather all the tips and tricks for traveling on a tight budget. Keep scrolling to find out some useful ways to score the best flight deals, book your favorite room for less, and of course, how to pack like a pro.

Travel tips for booking cheap flights and accomondation

1.Trick the algorithm

It's true. Some companies will automatically raise the prices simply because you have been searching the web for travel deals. Use the "incognito window" to make sure you won't get trapped.

2.When to book your flights

According to studies, the best day to book your holidays is on Thursday. Sunday is by far the most expensive day to book your flight.

3. Search for promo codes

Have a quick google search using the words "promo code" and "discount code" plus the name of the place or country you want to visit. You never know, maybe there are some hidden codes lurking around the web.

4.International booking sites

Sites like WeWorldPro carry some of the best hotels, flights, car rental, and cruise deals. Often you can find huge discounts and all-inclusive packages for way less than your local travel agencies. It even has a section of the cheapest international flights and most popular routes. (eg. There is a flight on Nov 11 from Greece to Bsngonk for only $866). Yes, they can turn almost every country into a budget-friendly location.
How does it work?

This site will look at all the other sites and show you the best deals. What I really love about it is the "tour" section. It showcases the most popular tours and holiday packages along with the ratings of each individual listing and the duration of the tour itself. Since WeWorldPro is international, they offer the best tour guides from all around the world like Stockholm, Sydney, Budapest, etc.

On the "hotels" section you will be able to find all the top-rated hotels from the area of your choice according to their online reviews. 

packing tips to avoid air fair coasts
Photo by Andrew Neel

5. Packing

Always roll your clothes instead of folding them. You will not only save a ton of space, but you will also be free to shop for many more souvenirs from your trip without having to worry about paying extra for your luggage on your way home.

By marking your bag as "fragile" the airport staff will most luckily place it at the top of all the other luggage. Yes, this is how I manage to get through the baggage claim quicker.

Always seal your perfume, lotions, and shampoos in a plastic zip bag to avoid spilling any liquid on your clothes during the flight. 

Never forget to pack your own pillowcase just in case.

To protect all glass bottles like foundations and concealers, place them in a small plastic bag and put them in your sneakers-yes, it actually works.

 I spend a significant amount of time looking at tech review videos lately on Youtube and Instagram-But truth be told, it can often be very discouraging to look at all the amazing new releases that are always way out of my tight budget. That's exactly the reason I patiently wait for the best Black Friday technology deals to go live, so I can finally get my hands on the new draw pads, laptops, and camera equipment I was drooling over all this time.

Black Friday is the day when all of us get amazing discounts on the best gadgets including air pods, laptops, phones, gaming consoles only to name a few. Luckily we can avoid all the paranoia happening during  sale hours and make our purchases from the comfort of our own home. Don't forget that sometimes online sales are way bigger than the in-store ones.

No, you don't have to wait till Nov 27 to start refreshing all your browser pages. Some major sales are starting way sooner, there are even some great deals happening right now! Stock up on all your desired products and bookmark the rest of them on your browser for the special day. Ohh, the shipping will be way quicker too.

So what's on sale right now? EMarketPlace has kicked off some amazing pre-Black Friday sales. In fact, they are planning daily deals on many different categories - today is the 20% book discount- throughout the month of November. Yes, you can expect daily drops and special Holiday deals from now on. Ohh, remember the new camera equipment I was telling you about? I looked through every tech page on the site to help you save big! 

Click on the images to shop

Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 VF
Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 VF
Nikon D3500 W/ AF-P DX + NIKKOR 18-55mm
Nikon D3500 W/ AF-P DX + NIKKOR 18-55mm
Fujifilm Instax Mini

Fujifilm Instax Mini
Acer Spin 3 Convertible Laptop
Acer Spin 3 Convertible Laptop
Smart Watch for Women
Smart Watch for Women
Hisense 50H8F 50-Inch 4K
Hisense 50H8F 50-Inch 4K 
160GB External Hard Drive
160GB External Hard Drive
Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

 The benefits of Mud masking have been known for ages, and we are all here for it. In recent years we can surely find quite a few ways to get our hands on some amazing natural products -if we are not lucky enough to pay a visit to the Dead Sea for a quick facial. Despite the many variations, the main incidents remain the same and clay skincare has become a big part of our daily skincare routine.

Clay is the key ingredient to many high-quality skincare products because it actually works. As you may have noticed you can find all kinds of different clays to profit from. From clay face masks to natural deodorants and soaps, the list can be overwhelming. Today we are going to focus on some lesser-known clay products you should definitely incorporate into your daily skincare routine, no matter your skin type.

Why Clay Skincare is so popular right now?

These miracle products are made from one of the many different types of clay depending on the end results we are looking for. They carry many benefits such as absorbing excess oil, managing dry skin, getting rid of toxins, and preventing acne breakouts. Pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads appear when your pores get clogged with dirt or oil. The nourishing minerals found inside clay can not only act as an amazing skin exfoliation tool, they can also travel deep into our pores to unclog them and get rid of excessive oil. Sounds awesome, right?

According to a recent study by Mohana Devi Subramaniam & In Ho Kim " Clays may have the ability to diminish the impact of mycotoxins through their binding properties". After all, we all remember Shailene Woodley raving about the benefits of ingesting clay as a part of a detoxification diet.

Clay minerals for the ultimate daily routine

Ancient Clay Liquid Soap Thieves Essential Oil , $15

A multipurpose 100% vegan liquid cleansing soap. This product contains Ionic clay minerals to feed your skin with nutrients, prevent inflammation, and absorb the excess oil. The powerful combination of Thrives & Clove essential oil, with Sea Butter, cinnamon, and eucalyptus (just to name a few) is the perfect antioxidant formula for daily use.

Ancient Clay Soap- Charcoal, $6,49

Adama Minerals has a whole line of clay soaps ( and handles) influenced with Pure Calcium Montmorillonite Clay. They include 57 traces of minerals to stimulate the renewal of your skin cells. The Sea Butter and coconut oils are known for their moisturizing properties. This clay-based formula will be a miracle for your face and body.

Black Cherry + Sweet Amber Deodorant Duo, $15

Natural deodorants are aluminum and paraben-free. They aim to target bacterial at their source while offering a long-lasting, fresh aroma throughout the day. This incredible formula contains Arrowroot, Clay minerals, and Vitamin E amongst other powerful ingredients. There is a huge variety of different scents to match every taste. All of Adama Mineral products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Deep Cleansing Scalp & Hair Scrub Pear Blossom with Sea Salt, $19,99
While many exfoliates use grains to achieve the best scrubbing results, this one uses Clay minerals and sea salt to do all the work for you. This formula works wonders in most skin types, aiming to heal, stimulate, and nourish the cells. The best way to protect and add shine to your hair all year long.
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