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We are currenly almost at the heart of December . Part of me wants to stay at home, wrapped in the coziest blanket while drinking a cup of hot cocoa but another side of me wants to go out and explore. Whatever the case may be one thing is for certain. I will always have my favorite knits with me. Maybe it's hard to understand it at fist but I included two almost identical looks in this post ,one from the day we arrived and one from the day of the departure. As you probably noticed the key elements did stayed the same (yes, I was feeling too comfy to change this up) .

Comfortable travel outfit ideas for the Christmas holidays + December 2018 sales
Outfit No1 // Details:  
Na-kd Two Coloured coat / American Eagle Skinny Jeans / Similar White Sweater / Plexida headband / Scarf (sold out) similar here / Shoes (sold out) similar here

Comfortable travel outfit ideas for the Christmas holidays + December 2018 sales

Outfit No2 // Details:  
Na-kd Two Coloured coat / American Eagle Skinny Jeans / Similar White Sweater / Plexida headband / Sienna Jones bag / Shoes (sold out) similar here

Comfortable travel outfit ideas for the Christmas holidays + December 2018 sales
Comfortable travel outfit ideas for the Christmas holidays + December 2018 sales
This week's sales & promos you don't want to miss

As you probably noticed by now my number one destination for denim is American Eagle outfitters so it's no surprise that I packed two of my most favorite skinny jeans. In fact they are currently running a promotion for 40-50% off their Holiday collection and 25% off their new arrivals on their website.

You can also take advantage on Plexida's free shipping promo on Etsy if you want to treat yourself with a handmade turban .

Sienna Jones has a big sale on some items from their "Marina" collection like the Evening bag (originally for £399) and Executive bag (originally for £299).

Last but not least Na-kd has new offers every day till Christmas (!!). Visit their site daily to score your favorite items on a discounted price.

Are you done with your Chistmas shopping yet?

Hello everyone! I really hope Decemeber is treating you great so far. My Christmas tree is proudly siting at the corner of my living roof since Nov 29 marking the beging of this season. Along with all the beautiful decorations came the excitement and stress of picking the perfect gift for my family and friends. With no further ado here is my fist Christmas gift guide for this season and it's all about comfy, cozy nights at home.

My personal favorites

One cannot say the word "cozy" without thinking of soft furry goods like this Lord & Taylot rug (available in 4 different colors). I bought my 3rd faux fur rug this year for under $30 and it's now laying in front of my Christmas tree along with a matching pillow.

We all have that one (or more) friends that always prefer to stay home wathing her favorite series on Netflix during a cold winter night wrapped up in a blanket. This faux throw blanket  will definitely be a great addition to her collection ( and yes, it's only $30 ).

What is the one thing that all homebodies love? A fresh smelling house! I found this Antica Home Ambiance perfume with orange blossom, lilac and jasmine on Nordstrom available in two sizes and of course, for under $100 .

This new layout will help you shop your favorites quicker & easier. Simply tap on the cross icon on the image bellow and you will get redirected to the each product's page.

Would you love to receive a cozy gift from this collection?
No longer is fashion solely the domain of stick-thin models. Full-sized models are
beginning to have a growing presence on runways, fashion shows and in magazines.
The following 5 plus-sized models are making their mark on the fashion industry. 

1. Marquita Pring 

New Yorker Marquita Pring began modelling at fifteen. Known for her full-figured,
womanly silhouette and enviable tresses, Pring garnered attention when she appeared
in the V Magazine editorial 'Curves Ahead' in 2010. Since signing with IMG, she's
became part of a curvy group of models called the Alda Women. When Pring appeared
in Paris, France in 2011 modelling Jean Paul Gaultier's spring collection, her fame

A Vogue Italia shoot by Steven Meisel changed Marquita Pring's career arc. She's since
spent two consecutive seasons modelling in Levi Strauss & Company's print and
television ads, modelling for Macy's, Bloomingdale, Lane Bryant, Dressbarn, Talbots
and Evans UK and has appeared in Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Vogue.com. An avid
athlete, Pring runs track, plays field hockey and enjoys figure skating.

2. Denise Bidot 

Miami, Florida native Denise Bidot switched from acting to modelling at age 18 when
she was told she needed to lose weight to be an actor. She's gone on to model in
campaigns for Forever 21, Lilly Pulitzer and Lane Bryant and designers Chromat and
Serena Williams. In 2016, Denise Bidot launched a website titled 'There Is No Wrong
Way To be A Woman' . Her goal is to raise her daughter in a world where there's not just
one definition of beauty.

In an essay in Refinery29, Bidot said she feels a responsibility to teach her daughter
and other young women they're beautiful and can achieve whatever they work towards
regardless of their size. Bidot wants to instill confidence in young women about their

3. Philomena Kwao 

Being different is part of Philomena Kwao's brand. Flashing her signature cropped
hairstyle, this London, England native has been featured in fashion campaigns for
Nordstrom, Evans, Lane Bryant and Torrid. Kwao has an undergrad degree in
Economics as well as a Masters in International Health Management and wanted to
work with a global health agency. Those dreams were put on hold when she was
discovered through a modelling competition held by Cosmopolitan UK Magazine, Evans
and Models1.

Since beginning her modelling career in 2012, Kwao was featured in Essence
Magazine, Pride magazine, Cosmopolitan UK and in nationwide campaigns for Style
369 and Evans. Philomena Kwao also won the 2012 GUBA Rising Star award. In 2013,
she signed with Ford Models, moved to New York and has become well-known on the
international fashion scene.

4. Paloma Elsesser 

A 24-year-old rising star, Paloma Elsesser began her modeling career after moving to
Los Angeles to earn her degree in psychology and English. When Pat McGrath, the
world-renowned makeup artist, discovered Elsesser on Instagram, she took a break
from school. Paloma Elsesser has since modeled for designer Eckhaus Latta, Rihanna's
Puma Fenty line and her recently launched Fenty Beauty cosmetics company. Elsesser
has also modelled for Glossier, a popular beauty brand among millennials.

Paloma Elsesser sees diversity with plus-sized models and models of color about to
make a major breakthrough because of the visibility and demand social media has

5. Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham was the first plus-sized model to work with Michael Kors and Christian
Siriano and be featured on the covers of Sports Illustrated and Vogue. Born in Lincoln,
Nebraska, the supermodel and body positivity activist burst onto the fashion scene in
2000. Ashley Graham has been on the cover of Glamour, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle
and other top fashion magazines. She's also been in several Addition Elle plus-size lingerie campaigns and spoken widely about body positivity.

Diagnosed with dyslexia and ADD growing up, Ashley Graham became a model after
being discovered in Omaha, Nebraska's Oak View Mall. She has appeared in YM
magazine, Vogue and a Glamour editorial in 2009 entitled 'These Bodies are Beautiful
at Every Size'. Graham has modeled for Lane Bryant, Marina Rinaldi, Elomi lingerie,
Bloomingdale's, Hanes, Nordstrom, Evans, Liz Claiborne Macy's, Target and Simply Be.
In 2012 Ashley Graham was named Model of the Year by Full Figured Fashion Week.
She's gone on to become an international superstar.

Outfit Details:
Femmeluxe  dress / Zaful bag / Pumps similar here

As we march towards the heart of autumn I find myself feeling very inspired . I don't know if the it's because of the "vibes" or the excitment of having a new, cozy piece of clothing but surely fall has a lot to offer. I know I haven't posted any formal or semi formal looks here for a while so today I thought it would be a great opportunity to share my new favorite knitted dress (also got it in another color, take a look at this instagram post) . This dress is curently on sale for UNDER $20 .You will definitely see me styling this dress with a pair of white sneakers and a denim jacket very soon.

Weekly favorite sweater dresses under $50

In collaboration with FemmeLuxeFinary
manikinn water bottle bag outfit ideas

Outfit Details:
Vans hoodie / Manikinn water bottle bag / American Eagle shorts

S easons pass by so fast, i can't keep up anymore. I find myself eyeing on all the new Fall trends even though I have a really hard time letting go of my denim shorts. As you probably know I never miss a great chace to get my hands on a new bag, especially it has a unique design. This time it's not solely the design that makes Manikinn bags so unique, it's the usage. This particular bag is the ultimate solution to hydration (I know, I should have told you that during summer but it is never too late). This water bottle - bag contains a 450ml water bottle along with 2 zip conpartments big enough to fit your smartphone, money, cards etc. The perfect solution for festivals, concerts and any other events that forces you to stay a long period of time under the sun with limited access to water.

manikinn water bottle bag outfit ideas


I have previously mentioned more than a few times how much anxiety interfeers with my day to day like. As someone that has been living with this issue since childhood I can undestand in depth how severe and cripling it might be to a person.  Even though I have tried almost every tip and trick in the book I felt the rush of overwelming anxiety even in the most basic situatuons. Today I will share with you the top 5 things that I do daily in order to have a stressfree morning.

1. I wake up 30 minutes earlier.

Most of the times having almost no time in the morning to prepare yourself for the day is actually the most triggering thing when it comes to anxiety. I set up my alarm 30 minutes earlier in order to have enough time to keep laying in bed, slowly get up or have some extra time to eat breakfast and have a cup of coffee. Waking up at the last minute and all the stress that comes with it is definitely more than capable of ruining your day by causing even more episodes.

The ActiveLift tecnology offers a natural, lifted look without excessive puding. 

2. I listen to my favorite, relaxing music.

As soon as I am getting out of bed I put my headphones on and start listening to my favorite music. I continiou to do so while I am doing my morning routine, having breakfast etc. Listening to all the comosion outside really bothers me in the morning. I need to be calm and focused on getting everything done in my own pace.

3. I Exercise at least 20 minutes per day.

I am not a fan of the typical daily exercises, yoga etc. I much rather prefer walking or running especially outdoors. No matter if you want to hit the gym or dance around the house to your favorite music 20 minutes of daily activity will definitely help you keep your stress levels to a minimum

4. I set alarms for every task i have to finish.

I am known for not managing my time correctly so multiply alarms per day is the only way I can function without loosing my mind. I calculate the time I need for every task and set the alarms accordingly, otherwise I might spend a big part of my day working only on one specific thing.

This post is sponsored by UpBra

We all live busy lives, in fact, even when we’re travelling we don’t always get the downtime we need. It’s becoming harder and harder to switch off from work, due to the remote working lifestyle many of us have accidentally adopted - where we are almost always contactable, by email. In addition, many of us feel like we need to employ someone just to keep up with the conversation on social media; making us feel like we are ‘reacting’ and always on the go.

Indeed, in a somewhat overstimulated world, it can be easy to feel quite frazzled at the end of the day, or even upon waking up and throughout the day. Therefore, it’s important you take some time out that’s just for yourself.

Now, there’s a huge difference between taking time out for yourself and doing nothing; often we can watch a bit of Netflix, or jump on Pinterest, and we are not “working” but we aren’t truly relaxing either… at times, it can feel like we are just distracting ourselves from the burdens of life we know we must face. Almost like a pit stop.

Making time for yourself, and having true down time is something quite different. It’s all about self-care and carving out chunks of time that are specifically just for you… not quick moments here and there… but scheduled time that is purely designed for you to relax and unwind.

For some people, this may involve going to a fancy spa or an organised fitness class such as yoga or something more intense like boxercise to release stress - whilst for some people it’s drifting off into the world of gaming and discovering cool characters in this new Final Fantasy mobile game. The point is, whatever it is for you - that’s okay. We all have different ways of unwinding… the most important thing is to ensure you carve out time that allows you to just chill out without stress or worrying about the things you have to do.

Time is the most vital and limited resource we have… yet we are so quick to give it away to the demands of life, work and family. In this sense, time is often an overlooked gift that we don’t treat with the value it truly has. It’s important you are living your life for you - not for someone else, as your time is yours, and each minute, or even second, you expend, you can never get back.

This is something that we need to start to feel much more, on an emotional level, as when you think about where you honestly spend your time each day - is it being spent as wisely as it could be; or is it being given away to other people and projects as if you have a limitless supply?

The truth is, you only have so many hours in the day, and these hours are yours. You only have so many days left - and these days are yours. Yes, you should give your time to work, family, friends and the necessities of life… just don’t forget to make sure you have some time for yourself too.
Travel in French Reviera - Cannes
W ince i was a little girl I remember myself having the longest " Travel List " written in one of my journals. I have always dreamed of visiting Cannes, Saint Tropez , Monacco and even if I had the opportunity a few times in the past the circumstances dind't allowed a trip like this to happen. This year I was determined to finally do it. We packed our switcases on July 30, iger to arrive at the port and get on the long cruise to Italy and from there on France.  I should have started posting my travel experiences from the begining (aka Italy) but I couldn't wait to share this particular trip to Cannes since it was one of our most favorite highlights of the whole 11 days trip.

Travel in French Reviera - Cannes
Travel in French Reviera - Cannes


We arrived at Cannes and instatly started to take it all the beautiful sceneries around us. We took a long walk at the beach where all the beach bars stood , bought a few souvenirs , took more than 100 photos and decided to visit a local restaurant for launch 2 hours later. We had the most delicious pizza at La Brasserie at returned to the beach just in time for the summer festival.

Travel in French Reviera - Cannes

W hen I think of summer ,comfort is the first thing that comes to my mind. The high temperature leaves no room for tight clothing and as much as I would like to wear my favorite fitted dress or lace turtleneck top I siply can't bring myself to do it. My summer shopping list is mostly consisted of light fabrics and easy to wear pieces like this super comfy, red tube top that turned out to be a true favorite of mine for this summer ( also got it in floral ). If I could , I would easily purchase every single color ever existed but for now let's stick with this basic top with the cutest bow straps.

Outfit Details:

Since I am so obsessed with this type of clothing I looked everywhere for deals in order to get a few more of them while sticking on a budget. Bellow you can find the most affordable tube tops . This light blue bow tube top is by far my top choice for a warm, sunny day of if you are looking for the perfect cover up for your strapless bikini at the beach. Now that I think about it I am pretty surre I had a very similar one back in highschool, when I was really struggling to find my personal style.

7 tube tops under $25

What do you think about tube tops? Love them ? Hate them?

Comment bellow, I would really like to know your opinion

Outfit Details:
Sugarfree Bikini top Cup D /  Bet and Malfie "Ariel" silk scarf

While I was perfectly planning my summer holidays , eager to get away from the city and all the constant noise that comes along with, the weather had different plans. The stormy, moody days seems like they will never end . If you someone looks closely he might spot a few rays of sunshine now and then but most of the time it feels like the middle of Autumn.  I keep orginising my suitcase hoping for warmer days now that July is almost here.

The cold weather took such a big toll on my mental health, it's unbelievable. Over the last few weeks I felt extremely unmotivated in pretty much every single aspect of my daily life. I keep pushing myself to be a better , more orginized person but sometimes everything feels like a burden. I want to go out, but I want to stay in. I want to work but I also want to stay in bed doing nothing. I want to make art but nothing seems to turn out the way It was meant to. These thoughts have been taking over my mind for many years and beacause of that I keep finding new ways to battle these emotions and still be able to function daily.

I have a little folder on my phone's notpad with all the tasks than need to be done every single day. It can be as simple as "go for grocery shopping" or important, urgent projects like edit, deliver a project etc. I set a goal of 7 tasks per day and at the end of each day I check and mark the things I managed to do . Each time I try to add one more thing . The feeling of seing my daily accomplishments motivates me for the next one.

I keep a list of all the things I accomplished within a month because most of the times I tend to jump of from goal to goal without taking the time to appreciate how far I have come.

I always take a few minutes out of my day to listen to some of my favorite podcasts. The Pursuit With Purpose by Melyssa Griffin helped me tremendusly not only to overcome many of my daily life struggles but also shown me new ways to deal with stress , anxiety and work overflow.

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